Electric Bike Hub Motor Cover

This motor cover is use on the electric bicycle which use the 6061-T6 material.

In this remarkable case , we proudly present our expertise in providing a high-performance Motor Hub solution for our valued electric bicycle client. With a commitment to innovation and precision, we collaborated closely with the client, who provided us with their Motor Hub design. Leveraging our forging prowess, we engineered and manufactured the Motor Hub blank, facilitating subsequent processing steps such as lathe turning, milling, and professional paint coating. The finished products were then delivered to the client's assembly facility for the final integration.


  1. Comprehensive Design and Manufacturing Support: Starting with the client's initial Motor Hub blueprint, our skilled engineering team actively engaged in the design process, fine-tuning the specifications to enhance efficiency and performance. Employing cutting-edge forging techniques, we expertly crafted the Motor Hub blank from 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring it precisely met the client's requirements. Additionally, we assisted the client in handling vital surface treatments, such as lathe turning, milling, and applying a premium paint finish, elevating the Motor Hub's aesthetics and overall functionality. With a seamless handover to the client's assembly factory, our collaborative approach ensured a smooth and efficient production process.

  2. Utilizing 6061 Aluminum Alloy: At the core of this case study lies the exceptional 6061 aluminum alloy chosen for the Motor Hub. Renowned for its outstanding mechanical properties, 6061 aluminum boasts remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making it an optimal choice for electric bicycle components. By incorporating 6061 aluminum into the Motor Hub's construction, we ensure a lightweight design without compromising durability, contributing to energy-efficient and enjoyable rides.

  3. Lightweight Design and Energy Efficiency: In the context of electric bicycles, aluminum alloy materials have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional properties. The Motor Hub's utilization of 6061 aluminum alloy embodies our dedication to achieving lightweight designs, resulting in improved energy efficiency and extended battery life. The reduced weight contributes to enhanced overall performance, enabling riders to effortlessly navigate various terrains with minimal power consumption.

  4. Embracing Environmental Responsibility: By favoring 6061 aluminum alloy over traditional iron materials, we affirm our commitment to environmental sustainability. The manufacturing process of aluminum alloys consumes less energy and releases fewer greenhouse gases, aligning with our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and supporting eco-conscious manufacturing practices. By adopting aluminum alloys, we take a significant step towards minimizing the environmental impact while maintaining uncompromising product quality.