Professional Production Capability
Yi-Chen Industrial's main factory currently has major processes including raw material cutting, forging, trimming, sandblasting, etc. In the forging process, we have 1000-ton and 600-ton equipment to serve our customers. The raw material cutting and forging process equipment have networking capabilities, providing real-time control of online information to the administrative and production units and accurately recording every production parameter.
Upstream and Downstream Collaborative Partners
Upstream and Downstream Collaborative Partners

In terms of upstream supply partners, aluminum materials are our core concern. We have invested in an aluminum extrusion plant to ensure rigorous control of the quality of the materials we acquire from the source, and have professional composition recognition instruments to provide inspection reports with the goods for customer confirmation.

For downstream process supply partners, we have professional collaborative partners in each process, focusing on process quality and information communication, so that customers' product processes can receive high-level services. We also conduct regular audits of all collaborative partners each year to ensure that they can continue to provide quality standards that meet expectations in the process.