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Yi-Chen was founded in 1992 , the company headquarters is located in Taichung Taiping. We focus on hot, warm aluminium forging and possess total solution of Material to Machining and Surface treatment for not only Automotive & Motor components, but also bicycle parts, safety Hooks, hardware parts and fitness equipment parts.

Yi-Chen are a professional manufacturer of aluminum forged industrial hardware, offering high-quality products. Our range includes various aluminum forged parts and components known for their superior strength and durability. With advanced forging techniques and strict quality control, we ensure that our products meet customer requirements and standards. Whether you need aluminum forged industrial hardware for aerospace, automotive, marine, or other industrial applications, we provide solutions that meet your needs. Partner with us for reliable products and excellent customer service.

Not only do we fulfill customer demands, we also assure quality, delivery and competitive prices by following the ISO9001:2015. On top, YiChen has Manufacturing Execution System and Smart Production Line with iOT equipment to monitor and to track every YiChen product.

Founded in Taichung Taiping City of Taiwan
Increased the productivity with the addition of 600T forging machine.
Increase of production line with the addition of 1000T forging machine.
Implemented ERP system
Implemented MES system with Yi-Chen iOT integration System.

Nominated by Smart Machinery Promotion Office for iOT demonstration. Certified for ISO9001:2015